Samsung Washer Sud Code: Fix It Now

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Washing machines make a soapy mixture with water and laundry detergent that is agitated with the clothing and then drained away. This is referred to as “sudsing,” It is a regular feature of the washing-machine operation.

To avoid oversudsing, use only the specified type and amount of laundry detergent.

Sudsing becomes a problem only when there is too much suds, which might result in a leak, residue on the clothes, or drainage issues.

SUDS Code Displays on Samsung Washer

Samsung Washer Sud Code
Samsung Washer Sud Code

It indicates that you are using detergent incorrectly.

If the word “SUDS” appears on display, your washing machine has detected an over-sudsing condition and will stop for a brief time to enable the suds to evaporate. Too much detergent or the wrong type of detergent is the most common cause of this error Code.

Samsung suggests using “HE” (High Efficiency) detergent, specifically for high-efficiency front-loading washers. “HE” detergent offers high cleaning effectiveness and low sudsing qualities. Non-HE detergents typically have high sudsing qualities, resulting in excessive suds in your machine.

Sud On Samsung Washer

Samsung Washer Sud Code: What does the “SUDS” on my washer’s display mean?

If your washing machine displays the “SUDS” error number despite using “HE” detergent, you may be using too much detergent. Please use the amount of detergent recommended by the detergent manufacturer.

Laundry detergent comes in a variety of concentrations. For instance, 1x, 2x, and 3x. Reduce the amount of washing detergent you use accordingly.

Samsung Washer Sud Code: What is the cause?

1. Excessive Detergent

Follow the detergent manufacturer’s directions for the correct amount of detergent while completing a wash load. If the SUD error code remains, a minor adjustment in the amount of detergent advised may be enough to remedy the problem. The concentration of the detergent should also be considered, and the amount adjusted correspondingly. Also, keep in mind that high-efficiency washers use less detergent than ordinary models.

2. Detergent Types

Samsung suggests using a high-efficiency (HE) detergent developed for high-efficiency washers and has reduced sudsing capabilities. Modern washers use less water; thus, high-efficiency detergents are created. Over-sudsing is more likely to occur with detergents not suited for high-efficiency washers. A high-efficiency detergent will normally have “HE” printed on the label, making it easier to identify. High-efficiency detergents should remove stains and clean your clothes more effectively and produce fewer suds.

Samsung Washer SUD Error Code: How to Fix It

When your Samsung washer displays the SUD error code, you should normally leave it alone to repair the problem. When the washer recognizes that the problem has been fixed, it should automatically resume the cycle.

1. Remove any leftover detergent.

Suppose you’re using the right amount of detergent, and it’s a HE detergent. In that case, you might need to clean away the detergent residue in the washer to solve the problem. Run along the wash cycle at a high temperature without any items in the washer to clean off the detergent residue. Check the washer for detergent residue once the process is completed. Remove any detergent residue that has remained.

2. Drain Pump Filter Cleaning

A drain pump filter can be accessible, removed, and cleaned in many Samsung washers that display the SUD error code. A buildup of suds and debris in the drain pump filter and cabinet can generate the SUD error.

To clean the drain pump filter, follow these steps:

  • Prepare a rag and towel to absorb and wipe up any leaking water.
  • Collect the water from the drain pump in a shallow container or bucket.
  • Look for the small access door on the front of your washing machine.
  • Place the towel beneath the access door on the floor.
  • Press forcefully against the access door to open it.
  • Wipe up any excess water with the cloth and store it in the cabinet to catch any spills.
  • Take out the emergency drain hose and place it over the container.
  • Allow the water to drain into the container by removing the drain hose cap. Leave the hose in the draining position for 15 minutes after the water flow ceases to ensure it is properly drained.
  • Turn the drain filter counterclockwise to remove it. When turning the filter top, be careful not to break the plastic.
  • Clean the filter of any particles.
  • Remove trash, lint, and detergent residue from the filter and cabinet. If cleaning the filter is difficult, run hot water over it or soak it in hot water. Clear the debris from the inlet and outflow holes.
  • Replace the filter in the washer. To secure the top, turn it clockwise until it clicks.
  • Replace the hose’s cap and set it back in the cabinet.
  • Close the entrance door.

3. The Foam Level Sensor should be checked.

The foam level sensor may malfunction and inaccurately report suds in the tub if you have followed all of the previous suggestions. While there are instructions for testing and replacing the sensor below, you should consider having the filter checked and replaced by a skilled specialist.

To inspect and replace the foam level sensor, follow these steps:

  • Disconnect the washer’s power supply.
  • On a front-loader washer, remove the top access panel or control panel, and on a top-loader washer, remove the rear access panel.
  • Determine the location of the foam level sensor. If necessary, consult the washer’s instructions.
  • Remove the sensor by disconnecting the wiring harness.
  • Use a multimeter to determine if the foam level sensor is malfunctioning. Replace the foam level sensor if it is defective.

Samsung Washer Sud Code: 5D and SD Error Codes

Some Samsung washers may display a 5D or SD error code instead of a SUD error code. The SUD error code is identical to the 5D or SD error code.

The washer has identified an excessive amount of soap suds and will automatically pause to allow the suds to disperse. The problem should be resolved by using a high-efficiency detergent without too much soap, removing detergent residue from the washer, and cleaning the drain pump filter.

Samsung Washer Sud Code: User Manual Download

Samsung Washer Sud Code

Download user manual and trouble s hooting Samsung Washer and find out Samsung washer Sud Code here,

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