Hisense Washing Machine Error Codes: How To Fix It

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Hisense Washing Machine Error Codes – Hisense has risen to the top of the appliance manufacturing industry. It is well-known for its excellent television sets and top-of-the-line washing machines.
Hisense washing machines have advanced features such as a self-diagnostic mechanism that can troubleshoot and display error codes on the computer. Furthermore, the Hisense washer is built to last a long time and hold enough load to meet the needs of a family.
Hisense Washing Machine Error Codes: How To Fix It
Information is shown on digital displays in Hisense washers. The digital displays not only show the wash time and mode, but also any error codes that may appear if the washer experiences a malfunction or problem.
How do you know what an error code means when it appears on the screen? Here is a complete list of all Hisense washing machine error codes, as well as some troubleshooting tips.

Error Codes for Hisense Washers

Hisense washing machine error codes are explained below, along with a potential explanation for the error and how to resolve the problem so you can keep doing laundry. The diagnostic function of the Hisense washer is enabled, and any error codes are shown on the display screen.

Hisense F01 or F02 Error Code – Water Supply Abnormal

CHECK WATER SUPPLY INLET – When this error code appears on your Hisense washer, it means your washing machine’s water supply is disabled. Check your water inlet to make sure it’s working properly.

Check the water pressure to make sure it’s working properly, check water filter inlet too.

Hisense Error Code F03 – Drain Abnormal

CHECK THAT DRAIN HOSE AND PUMP – F03 is the fault code. If there is an issue with your washer’s drain hose, a message appears on the display screen. It also appears while the pump is malfunctioning.

Inspect the washing machine’s drainage and pump for any debris that could be clogging the waterways. Check to see if the water draining from your washer is flowing freely.

Hisense F04 or F05 or F06 or F07 Error Code – Electrical Module Fault Or /Board/Wiring

CHECK ALL WIRING – These fault codes appear when there is a problem with the wiring in your washer. Inspect all of the wiring in your washing machine for any connections that aren’t working. Unwind wire harnesses and tighten loose wires.
This should solve the problem. If you are uncomfortable dealing with electric wires, contact a trained technician or electrician for assistance.

Hisense F13 Error Code – Door Lock Fault

Hisense Washing Machine Error Codes: How To Fix It

CHECK THAT DOOR SWITCH IS WORKING PROPERLY – This error code indicates an issue with your washing machine’s door. It usually refers to a door that won’t shut completely. Investigate the cause of your door’s failure to close. In addition, check the door switch to make sure it’s in good working order.
  • Check whether the door is closed or not and press the start/pause button
  • Start program for 20 sec and unlock the washer door
  • (PTC) to check whether the door is closed
  • Open or close it again
  • After fault is removed, press “Start/Pause” key. If fault occurs again remove power
  • Door Lock faulty

Hisense F22 Error Code – NA

UNPLUG WASHER TO RESET – If there is a general problem with the washing machine, this error code appears. To repair it, turn off the washer by unplugging it from the power source and wait a few minutes for it to reset before plugging it back in.

Hisense F24 Error Code – Water Level Reaches Overflow Level

CHECK SENSOR AND OR WATER INLET VALVE FOR FAULTS – Hisense washing machines are designed to hold a fixed amount of water. However, if the washer’s water level rises above this level, it will overflow. Only a defective sensor or a broken water inlet valve may cause an overflow.
As a result, if the fault code F24 appears on your washer’s display screen, you can check both the inlet valve and the sensor for problems. To get your machine back to normal working order, fix the errors.

UNB Error Code – Unbalance Load In Washer

CHECK THAT CLOTHING CONTENTS IN WASHER ARE NOT IMBALANCED – This error code appears when the load in your washer is not distributed uniformly in the machine. Before you start the washing process, make sure the load in the washing machine is balanced. This can be accomplished by turning off the washer and rearranging the clothes inside.
Hisense Washing Machine Error Codes: How To Fix It
Hisense Washing Machine Error Codes: How To Fix It
Once all is in place, select the spin program and begin spinning. The washing machine should start the cycle. Examine it closely to see if the problem has been resolved.
If the problem persists, unplug the washing machine from the outlet and contact a washing machine repair service.

Hisense Washing Machine Error Codes Table

Hisense Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Hisense Washing Machine Error Code And Troubleshooting

Hisense washers are equipped with a variety of safety features that make it simple to detect faults early. The majority of these flaws are minor and can be remedied in a few easy measures.

The washer won’t start and there’s no indicator light on.

Examine the socket to ensure that the key plug is securely fastened and that the power switch is switched on. It would be beneficial if you also checked for faults in the wall socket to ensure that it is working properly. Use a table lamp or another similar electric device to test it.

The washer won’t start

Check the washer’s door to make sure it’s securely shut. You can also double-check that the start/pause button is pressing and that the water tap is turned on. To begin the washing process, press the start/pause button.

The appliance falls down in the middle of the program

Check to see if the rinse keep signal lamp is turned on. To exit this option, press the start/pause button. You can also stop it by choosing and starting the washer’s drain software. Before pressing the start/pause button, make sure no other software has been selected.

Finally, double-check that the washing machine door is open and that the start/pause button is not pressed. Close the washer door and push the start button.

Machine Vibrating During Spin Cycle

Verify that the washing machine is on level floors. It should be able to balance on all four feet. Check to see if the transport bolts have been removed as well. Before you use the washer, you must first remove the transport bolts. Make sure your load is balanced and sufficient for your washer.

Do not place big loads in the washer because the drum would become unbalanced. When loading your Hisense washing machine, always be cautious.

Poor Results from Final Spin

Hisense Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Washers typically have an imbalance detection and correction system built in. If you load heavy objects, this mechanism can reduce the spin speed or even stop the spin if it detects an imbalance after several spins.
To keep the washer safe, do the following:
  • If the laundry is very wet at the end of the spin cycle, remove some of the load and repeat the spin cycle.
  • To prevent unnecessary foam that can obstruct spinning, use the right amount of detergent.
  • Check the spin speed to make sure it isn’t set to 0.
If your washer has a time clock, the program time that is originally shown is reduced or extended by a few minutes or hours.
This refers to a washer’s ability to adjust to various factors that could influence the wash program’s length. Load imbalance, the development of excess foam, and a prolonged heating time due to low inlet water temperature are only a few of these factors.
The Hisense washing machine error code is a fast way to figure out what’s wrong with your washing machine. It’s the manufacturer’s way of ensuring that you get the best possible service from your washer.
This guide will help you understand the code that appears on the washing machine’s display screen. When fixing these errors, just follow a few quick steps to get back to your laundry job.
If your washing machine still won’t work at its best despite your best efforts to implement these quick repairs, contact an appliance repair professional.
I hope this article about Hisense Washing Machine Error Code, can be useful.

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