How Can I Improve My Cell Phone Reception

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How Can I Improve My Cell Phone Reception – be it interference cell phone reception at home, basement, office building etc.With so much of our daily lives reliant on our cell phones, issues like poor signal, dropped calls, or slow data connections can have a significant impact. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to improve your cellular signal so you can have clear conversations and download data quickly.We’ll go over 20 things you can do right now to assist enhance your cell signal.

Improve Cell Phone Reception: Cellular Operators

1# Use a signal booster for your cell phone

All of the major carriers and the FCC have authorized and recommended cell phone signal boosters as the only method for taking an existing outside cell signal, amplifying it, and then disseminating the strong signal inside your house, company, or vehicle. They work with all networks at the same time, have no ongoing fees, and are an excellent choice if you already have an outside signal that you want to improve.

2# Use a Verizon network extender

Only Verizon Wireless customers can use this solution because it is the only carrier that still offers a network extender. A network extender, also known as a femtocell or microcell, is a Verizon gadget that generates a cell signal in your home and routes all of your cellular calls and data over your broadband internet connection.

While network extenders have several drawbacks, such as call handoff concerns, they are your best alternative if you don’t have any current cell coverage outdoors.

3# Use WiFi calling

Making calls and utilizing data over WiFi, while not exactly a means to increase your mobile signal, is one way to keep in touch with the outside world when there is no phone signal accessible to improve. On your iPhone or Android phone, follow these instructions to use WiFi calling.

Improve Cell Phone Reception: Cell Phone Performance

How Can I Improve My Cell Phone Reception

4# Update Your Cell Phone Software

You know how you get messages about updating your carrier software every now and then? These updates tell your phone which towers it should connect to. You should update on a regular basis, but if you haven’t done so recently, you should do it now. For your Android or iPhone phone, follow the appropriate instructions.

5# Turn off any services you aren’t using right now

WiFi, Bluetooth, and Near-Field Communication (NFC) might cause issues by attempting to send your calls and data via a different provider or allowing other devices to consume bandwidth that is required for quick data and clear calls. Disable these on your phone and see if that helps your signal.

6# Change the settings for your voice and data.

When the 4G LTE network you’re connected to is overburdened, the 3G network, albeit slower, is actually a superior option. If you’re on a 4G LTE network, consider disabling it on your iPhone or Android phone (if supported), which will convert you to the 3G network immediately.

7# Activate and deactivate airplane mode.

Your phone will be forced to reconnect to the cellular network as a result of this action. If your phone doesn’t show that you’re in a good signal area, try turning on and off airplane mode to force it to reconnect.

8# Reset your network settings if necessary.

If you still can’t get your phone to connect and other phones from the same carrier are operating in your area, this is a final resort. The instructions for Android and iPhone phones can be found here.

9# Re-select the network operator manually.

This one is only for Android devices. Select “Settings > Find Mobile Networks > Network Operators” from the drop-down menu. It will rescan for all available networks in your region. To see how it’s done, watch this video.

10# Check your phone for any damage

If you’re in an area where other people with your carrier’s phones get good service but you don’t, it’s possible that your phone, or more precisely the internal antenna, has been broken. Bring it back to the store where you bought it and have them run an analysis to determine if it’s still working properly. If not, it’s probably time for a new phone.

Improve Cell Phone Reception: The Location

11# Make a floor change (or multiple floors).

Because you may clear barriers closer to ground level on higher floors, signal tends to be better. If you’re in a basement, going to the first floor can be really beneficial.

12# Close the distance between you and a window.

Because cell signal enters a structure more easily when it is not impeded by the building’s construction materials, such as brick, block, siding, or sheet metal, windows are often spots where you’ll obtain stronger signal than behind a solid wall.

13# Take a walk outside.

Because the materials used to construct a building’s walls and roof impede cell signals, walking outside should help you to receive a greater signal from nearby cell towers.

14# Get to a higher elevation.

Signals are frequently blocked by mountains, hills, forests, and other obstacles. Moving to a higher elevation increases your chances of connecting with a cell tower and receiving a stronger signal.

15# Find out where the nearest cell tower is in your area.

To see a map of your local towers, enter your city or zip code into Cell Reception or Open Signal, and then try to find yourself on the same side of the building or shift your location totally.

Improve Cell Phone Reception: Environment

16# Reorganize your living area.

Metal filing cabinets, refrigerators, decorative waterfalls, and substantial furniture all have a tendency to block signal in your home or business. Rearranging these items so they aren’t in the way of your cell signal from outside can assist.

17# Trees and bushes should be removed.

Water makes up trees, plants, and any other living creature, and it inhibits cell signal to variable degrees. To create a more open environment, trim unwanted branches, remove overgrown plants, or take down entire trees if possible.

18# Avoid some building materials

Consider how that material might damage your signal the next time you’re planning on a home improvement project. Signal is blocked more by metal roofs, brick walls, and energy efficient construction materials than by other materials.

19# Make sure your window is open.

Unfortunately, if your windows have an energy efficient coating on them, it also prevents cell signal, therefore opening your window allows cell signal to enter the room.

Improve Cell Phone Reception: Carriers

20# Change your carrier to one that has better coverage in your area.

If all else fails, moving to a carrier that offers better coverage in your location is your last option for resolving your cell signal issues. Examine each carrier’s coverage maps (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular) and chat to your neighbors to find out which provider they use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Improving Cell Signal

We’ve put together a list of some of the questions and answers that we frequently get about improving cell signal. If you have any questions that aren’t answered in this post, then please call us at 800-590-3564 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

What are the best cell phone boosters?

Here are our top 10 best cell phone signal boosters that should handle most any situation:

  • Wilson Pro 70 Plus
  • Cel-Fi GO X
  • SureCall Fusion2Go Max
  • weBoost Home MultiRoom
  • SureCall Flare 3.0
  • weBoost Drive Reach
  • SureCall Fusion5X 2.0
  • SureCall Flare
  • SureCall Fusion4Home Yagi
  • SureCall Fusion5s

Please see our complete list of the 25 best cell phone signal boosters to learn more and find the right signal booster for your situation.

Do cell phone signal boosters actually work?

“Do cell phone signal boosters actually work?” is one of the most often asked queries. This is a valid concern, especially in light of the numerous phony devices that have been marketed in the past claiming to improve signal quality.

They absolutely do, is the answer.

You don’t have to take our word for it; the FCC and the main cellular carriers have all independently tested and authorized every signal booster on the market today, and they not only endorse them as a preferred solution for improving cell service in your home, business, or vehicle.

How can I boost my cell phone signal at home?

A cell phone signal booster will amplify and distribute your existing outside cell signal throughout your home. We ranked the finest cell phone signal boosters for your home to make choosing the appropriate one as simple as possible.

What if I don’t have any outside cell coverage?

If you don’t have an existing outside signal but have a good broadband internet connection (not satellite internet) and Verizon is your provider, you can get a network extender from Verizon.

If you don’t have Verizon, your best bet is to use WiFi calling on your mobile devices either at home or at work.

Find the Most Appropriate Solution for You

If a cell phone signal booster sounds like the ideal answer for you, then use our product wizard to find the right booster for your needs.

In this article, we have presented various ways to improve your cell phone signal reception, but sometimes we have to look for the problem properly.

How Can I Improve My Cell Phone Reception