How to choose your gaming computer?

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How to choose your gaming computer? – Do you like to play? We too ! What could be better than the end of the year holiday season to indulge in a good gaming computer? For this we offer you a small sheet on the main features to study to find the product that suits your needs.

We also offer you a small comparative advantage / disadvantage between desktop gaming computer and laptop. You will finally discover our TOP 3 gaming computers of the moment.

And if you don’t understand all the terms of the video game world, take a look at language of the players and will have no more secrets for you!

Which components should be preferred?

Buying a gaming PC is one thing… But how do its features and capabilities differ from a traditional computer? In this article we will list some components to analyze before any purchase: it could prove useful for your long journey in search of the computer of your dreams, and it will surely help you decipher a gamer language, in the end, not that complicated!

A good processor, you choose!

How to choose your gaming computer?

Today, newer gaming computers are mostly equipped with Inter Core i5 or i7 processors with large memory capacities, for example up to 32GB on Alienware and Asus.

For the uninitiated, let’s say that the processor is used to perform the various tasks that are required of the computer and the more “core” and memory it has, the more efficient and therefore faster it is.

In our opinion, this is the first point to compare before embarking on the purchase of a gaming PC, as the processor is the foundation of any computer.

Goodbye hard disk, hello SDD!

How to choose your gaming computer?

To do things right, don’t overlook the SSD: no matter how much you acquire the best in terms of graphics card and processor, it will be useless if your hard drive is not making the most of their capabilities .

Hard drives are evolving very little for years, while new technologies have surprised us: less expensive than an SSD, it will still be slower and less impact resistant than an SSD, and performance is not optional for gaming computers.

You prefer to put the price in a reliable and efficient component: Hard disks find their uses for many other needs! (like video editing that need much written)

Don’t forget your (3D) graphics card!


Unlike hard drives, 3D cards are constantly evolving and adapt to increasingly demanding demands and needs. 3D cards are THE point for which laptops have often been criticized compared to desktop computers – their lag has often been considerable, but today that’s quite excused as new gaming laptop models offer nearly equivalent power to their siblings. much larger in terms of ergonomics thanks to the release of AMD Radeon R9, Nvidia GeForce GTX 800M and GTX 900M, among others.

And also !

Having power and good resolution is fine, but having the right tools to play optimally is better! Therefore, “accessory” products such as keyboard, mouse, headphones, screen, etc. should not be neglected.

Brands like Razer and Logitech are increasingly specializing in gaming hardware with an emphasis on responsiveness, comfort, feel, functionality but also very aesthetic finishes such as backlighting and a futuristic design. The screen finish, preferably matte in this area, will also have a major impact on player comfort in the short and long term.

Gamer from a desktop PC or laptop?

We will not give you long speeches but only a small summary table with the advantages / disadvantages of the Fixed PC for games and those of the Laptop PC, it is a gift:

– Convenience: Mobile and compact
– Requires only one plug
– Modification of components
– Easier to perform
– Best quality / price ratio per piece
– No possibility of evolution / change of components
– Generally less powerful
– Less duration
– Requires significant dedicated space
– Increased energy consumption

Our 3 gaming laptops of the moment! – the blog has therefore created a small selection of the latest player releases and trends for the end of 2015 for you! There is something for all prices, and this list is obviously not exhaustive. 🙂

Most popular: Asus ROG G751JY G-Sync (G751JY-T7378H)

How to choose your gaming computer?

There is no need to present the Asus ROG (short for Republic Of Gamers) which have nothing more to prove with their amply justified value for money and an undeniably attractive red and black design. Its price range? Between € 800 and € 2,500 depending on capacity, enough to meet the needs of all players.

The “cheapest”: Lenovo Y50-70 (20378)


Under 1000 €, the Chinese brand Lenovo that is doing gaming with its “small” novelty: equipped with a Core i5 duo processor and an SSD disk, it will run all your games very well without worries. . Small flat for its rather poor ventilation which could lead to rapid overheating, but at such a price we don’t keep it particularly tough.

Most impressive: MSI GT80 Titan (2QE-008FR)


MSI sponsors the biggest players, so it’s no surprise that you have to spend nearly € 3,500 (just that) to own the Titan – which actually lives up to its name with its 5kg and 18.4-inch screen.

Our little TOP 3 is obviously given on a non-exhaustive basis. We hope that the advice given will allow you to find the rare pearl 😉 Arm yourself with time, patience and regularly consult the promotional offers on the various stores to get the gaming computer of your dreams at the best price!

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