How to choose your business laptop?

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How to choose your business laptop? – Getting a laptop is good. But having a laptop that suits your needs is better! We have already seen how to choose the right gaming computer, today we will take care of the world of work and help our professional friends to find the car or machines they need. Zoom in on business laptops.

Why do I need it?

Basic use:

If you are looking for a computer for text processing, accounting data and e-mails, you don’t need to look very far: any computer is fine – it’s up to you how much you want to put in it.

I am a creative:

If you work in multimedia and that you are obliged to do photo and video editing, note that the appropriate professional software (DTP software such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator from the Adobe suite, for example, or Pinacle Studio for Windows and Final Cut Pro for iOS) are very heavy and require a minimum of power. We strongly recommend that you favor a powerful processor and good graphics card in addition to a large screen, very useful for this type of business.

Do you need a new battery? Find what you need

For hyper-connected:

If you work in the “network” with a cloud rather than internally, you won’t need a lot of memory; a large hard drive will therefore not be particularly in demand and it is better to invest in an SSD, which will start the software faster and therefore be efficient, isn’t it?

I avoid unpleasant surprises

When investing in a laptop, it’s probably not just for 10 minutes a day. To be sure the product is right for you, don’t hesitate:

  • TO test the screen browsing, browsing press articles, YouTube etc. Some tiles (matte, glossy) and their features may only appeal to you on paper so don’t go too fast!
  • TO test the keyboard : Like the screen, open a blank space and start writing a little text, or whatever comes to mind. It is not a question of strumming here and there, but of hearing if you find your ease on the keyboard: the length, the thickness, the click of the keys could not satisfy you …
  • To inquire about the type of minimal configuration what you need, if you are not the expert. If you have to use a particular software for your work, check that the components are powerful enough and that the operating system is compatible with the latest (Windows or iOS for the most part).

Towards specialized ranges

The most professional brands and ranges are rare, but no less important:

Create your Dell:

How to choose your business laptop?
How to choose your business laptop?

Dell is one of the undisputed leaders of the professional market. On the e-shop you can create your own configuration to get a customized computer, which fully satisfies your choices, your needs and your budget. It is a certain price, but also a guarantee of quality.

Toshiba Tecra:

How to choose your business laptop?

The Japanese Toshiba Tecra range will delight performance enthusiasts with solid machines that are very efficient to say the least. and all in comfort! It is aimed at companies that need sturdy and durable business laptops.

HP Probook, HP Elitebook

copy hp-probook

HP Probooks tend to appeal to small and medium-sized businesses, while Elitebooks may be better suited to larger ones. Lightweight, stylish but above all powerful, HP is a major competitor in the business computer market!

These laptops complement the HP range for professionals to improve their productivity and mobility, whether they are independent or working in a small or large business.

Olivier Philippe, Product Marketing Director of the Micro-Computing Division of HP France.

Lenovo ThinkPad


Chinese Lenovo is also positioning itself quite well in the professional market with its ThinkPad range, which in turn contains many sub-ranges to cover all potential needs, from the Thinkpad X for thinness and lightness to the ThinkPad L for a good price-performance ratio.

Apple MacBook Pro

Macbook Pro
How to choose your business laptop?

Macbook Pros are a bit of a generic laptop: although they have been designed for more professional use than their Macbook Air counterparts, etc., many people from all socio-professional categories buy them. Reliable and efficient, they are particularly effective for image and video processing and will go perfectly with graphic designers, web designers, etc.