Ultra compact and powerful computer: possible?

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Ultra compact and powerful computer: possible? – The more time passes, the more technology allows us to acquire ever lighter and more efficient laptops. At a time when the ultra compact On the rise, the engineeringsadvice.com blog brings you a small list of laptops that weigh less than 1.5kg, but have a few under the hood!

Ultra compact and powerful computer: possible?


Acer Switch 10 Mi

With its well-contrasted 10-inch screen and its battery life of just over seven hours of video playback, the performance of this first model is quite convincing. Considering its price, € 279, we will ignore its somewhat weak processor.


Asus Zenbook UX305

A 13-inch screen and yet only 1.2 kilograms on the watch! If its finishes and robustness are beyond reproach, it is not optimal on the side of the Intel HD Graphics 5300 processor which could do better. Count around 700 euros for this Zenbook.

hp spectrum

HP Specter x360

Another 13 inches, but the above range please! Its autonomy of about eight hours at full power and its capabilities and maneuverability live up to expectations, for a budget of 1499 euros the same.

Ultra compact and powerful computer: possible?

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon

Here is the cream of the ultra compacts intended for professionals: with its light weight of 1.2 kilograms, its carbon fiber finishes and its truly remarkable performance, this 14-inch will delight people who want to work in good conditions. In short, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon PC is an excellent machine.

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Macbook 12 ″

A “small” 12-inch that is only small in size, since its configuration is optimal and its price rather high. But of course we couldn’t write an article on the ultracompact without talking about Apple’s newcomer, right? Count around 1500 euros to enjoy its latest Retina screen from the unrivaled comfort of its keyboard.


Toshiba Kira 102

To continue – and to conclude – our “high-end” launch, it is the Kira-102 that does the rear, representing the most expensive model of the brand. Indeed, to benefit from this high-performance model, which weighs just 1.3 kilos, it will cost 1,200 euros.

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