Various types of air conditioning

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Various types of air conditioning – Installing air conditioning at home allows you to regulate and control the temperature of your interior and thus bring more comfort to your home and make the most of your interior every day, summer and winter.

Buying an air conditioner can therefore prove to be a good investment to have air conditioning in summer!

Various Types Of Air Conditioning

Portable Monobloc Air Conditioners

Portable monobloc air conditioners are easily installed, just place the air conditioner hose outside. They have the advantage of being mobile with their wheels. Ideal for occasional use.

It will be your best friend during the hot summer periods and it will follow you everywhere without any problem. More economical and more efficient compared to the traditional air conditioner.

Mobile air conditioners are more powerful because of their mobility, economical and at the same time, have multiple uses, because in addition to the main cooling function other functions are available such as dehumidification, plasma air purification.

Various types of air conditioning

Mobile And Stationary Split Air Conditioners

Mobile and stationary split air conditioners are characterized by a block positioned on the outside and various blocks inside which are connected to each other by the pipe, which makes it possible to reduce noise pollution. The mobiles can be moved from one room to another while the stationary air conditioners are more efficient.

Split Air Conditioners Reversible Systems

There are also split air conditioners reversible systems which have the main advantage of being both air conditioner and heating.

The only problem remains its ineffectiveness at cold temperatures since they do not produce enough heat. Reversible air conditioners are economical and practical in that they consume less than what they produce as energy.

On the other hand, if it is too cold outside, it will be necessary to use an additional auxiliary heater to have a correct temperature at home. Do not forget to adapt the temperatures according to the rooms in your home.

Wall-Mounted / Stationary Air Conditioners

the most common, the most efficient and the quietest, but they are also more expensive. Permanent and stationary, normally used to cool several rooms and rooms in a building. The traditional type is still associated with high maintenance costs.

The Cassette Air Conditioner

Finally, the cassette air conditioner: discreet since it is directly integrated into the false ceilings, it is nonetheless very effective. It is the one that is mainly found in large public places, such as colleges, high schools, hospitals, stores, offices, etc.

Even if air conditioners offer a large number of advantages and provide comfort in its interior, air conditioning nevertheless has a negative point, namely the consumption of the device in electricity.

Split Air Conditioners Reversible Systems

To make the right choice when buying an air conditioner, you must first think carefully, find out from professionals or people who know about it, but don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything, we promise! Then, you can make quotes online in order to have several price estimates and thus choose the appropriate equipment.

Being well informed will avoid any hassle when installing an air conditioner. Good reading.

Mobile types of air conditioning: a good solution for me?

If you are looking to buy a cheap portable air conditioner, whether quiet, reversible or ventless, check out our practical advice from our testers.

These days, air conditioners are essential especially during the summer when the sweltering heat is almost unbearable.

What to look out for before buying a portable type of air conditioner?

The price

The first feature of the portable air conditioner which makes it the most cost effective and economical choice is that it can be placed directly in the place that one wants to cool, therefore, it is less expensive.

Unlike the stationary air conditioner, the mobile or portable air conditioner can be moved anywhere you need the fresh air.

You don’t have to have more than one unit in the house since you can put your portable air conditioner anywhere you want, even in your bedroom.

During the day, it can be brought back to where you spend your time most often, be it your living room, your office, or if you even like in your kitchen. The portable air conditioner is great in an office, not only to cool you down when you are at work,

Electricity consumption

An additional advantage to highlight which reinforces the economic side when you choose a mobile air conditioner is that of the reduction in the amount of the electricity bill compared to the traditional fixed air conditioning system.

This is because you only use electricity for cooling for certain rooms in the house. With the fixed air conditioner, you also pay for electricity used to cool rooms that are not in use.

This is a real money saver, the portable air conditioner only cools the rooms that are needed. So instead of wasting your money, be efficient and only use the portable air conditioner where you need it.

Additional options

The third advantage of the portable air conditioner is its multi-use function which makes it even better in terms of cost efficiency. Thanks to its multi-use, the portable air conditioner can also be used in other cases apart from its main function of cooling the rooms.

It can also make your bedroom very comfortable in the summer season when it is not only hot but also very humid. It has a configuration that allows it to dehumidify the air, so your room is cool by limiting the inconvenience of excess humidity. Finally, there are also mobile air conditioners without exhaust.

Mobile air conditioner thermostat and timer

Although thermostats and fan speed options may cost more at time of purchase, this choice makes your air conditioner more economical. Adjust the fan speed and timer options by choosing specific parameters for different times of the day or night, such a setting saves electricity and money.

The timer allows you to control when to start and stop the air conditioner. There are several types of timers, the choice depends on your budget and your needs.

Most of the timers available on the market do not require any special installation. Set the timer to start the air conditioner about half an hour before you come home.

Portable or fixed type of Air Conditioning?

Choose a portable if:

If you are a tenant, do not opt ​​for an integrated air conditioner. Instead, choose a window air conditioner, which is cheaper and easier to install.

Especially when you are a tenant, you do not have the right to do work, which requires a fixed air conditioner since it must be fixed to the wall.

Portable air conditioners are the most efficient on the market. A portable air conditioner is slightly more expensive because this is justified by its mobility and ease of installation compared to the stationary or window air conditioner. The portable air conditioner saves you the trouble of improper installation of a class A wall mounted air conditioner.

As its name suggests, it is portable, you can move it wherever you want in the house. The catch? It occupies a fairly large space in a room, therefore it is necessary to reserve a space in advance for the air conditioning according to its dimensions.

Choose a landline if:

You are the owner, choose a landline. The stationary air conditioner requires wall mounting, however, once attached to the wall, there will be no further work.

In addition, because it is fixed to the wall, it will not take up space in your home. More discreet and quieter, the stationary air conditioner stands out from the mobile by its ability to be more efficient at heating during very cold periods.

Air conditioner prices

Of course, the prices vary greatly from one device to another. Note that for mobile air conditioners, installation costs should not be added. The cost of an air conditioner will depend in particular on the power of the device, the noise of the device etc.

Thus, it will take between 150 and 1000 euros for a mobile air conditioner, 500 euros for a split mobile air conditioning or between 500 and 2000 euros for a fixed split air conditioning. For a reversible air conditioner, you will have to add the cost of labor and installation. This depends, for example, on the type of housing or the number of devices to be installed.

Do not hesitate to read the air conditioning reviews!

When choosing your air conditioning, take the time to read reviews of different brands online. Indeed, who better than the people who bought an air conditioning can say if it is good or not? Some brands are more suited to certain situations than others, so are the different types of air conditioners.

Spending the summer without air conditioning can be very hard, if you have children we recommend that you install a unit very quickly, preferably near or in the bedrooms.

Some people prefer to install it in the main room, which is absolutely fine. The power to choose depends on the size of the rooms to be covered (in m²) and the energy savings you want to make.

It goes without saying that you wouldn’t buy an industrial air conditioner for an 80m² house.

How to install a window air conditioner?

How to install a window air conditioner?

When you have purchased the perfect air conditioner, remove it from the box and follow the installation instructions. Your new air conditioner should include mounting hardware, which will need to be included with your window. It is important to read and follow the instructions carefully.

If the mounting hardware is not installed correctly, the air conditioner can fall out of the window and cause damage to anything in its path, not to mention certain injury to the unit itself.

It may be a good idea to have someone help you during this step, in order to keep the window open and to allow you the convenience of an extra pair of hands should the unit be difficult to balance during installation.

Your new air conditioning unit should have easy installation brackets, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure the air conditioner is properly placed on the brackets

Before you finish, look for a foam strip that should be included with your air conditioner. This product is used to fill the air gap in the window.

To finalize the installation, make sure the air conditioning unit is secured in position using its mounting brackets and plug in the unit once you have completed all of the steps outlined in the owner’s manual.

It is important to realize that each unit may be different and therefore each may have small variations in installation. By reading your owner’s and installation manual carefully, you will ensure a quick and easy installation. A window air conditioner should take 1-2 hours to install.

Look at the BTU power of an Air Conditioner

For mobile air conditioning:

The power of a mobile air conditioner is measured in BTUs , which is the unit used to calculate the energy content of fuels – in other words how well an air conditioner is able to heat or cool. The approach that says as long as an air conditioner is strong as long as it cools the best is to be taken with caution.

In order to sufficiently cool a room, your air conditioner must be powerful enough to handle the area no less and no more. If you buy an AC that is too strong, you will only waste energy and waste money. If you buy one that is too low in BTUs, then the cooling will not be effective.

You will need approximately: 7000 BTU for <20 m ² 9000 BTU for <30 ² AND 12000 BTU FOR <40 ²

For fixed air conditioning:

Generally speaking, your electricity consumption will increase by 10 to 25%.

So take into account these few elements to at least impact your bill:

  • surface of the room
  • ceiling height
  • the openings
  • number of people
  • insulation
  • orientation of your accommodation
  • the type of floor covering
  • etc

Here is a rule that you could adopt to determine the power of your air conditioning: Minimum power required (in Watt) = Surface m² * Ceiling height in m * 45W / m3.

Tips for Repairing and Installing an Air Conditioner

If your new air conditioning system is not functioning properly, unplug it immediately. Start by reading the troubleshooting section of your owner’s manual. If your system is under warranty, call the manufacturer, whose name and contact number should be specified in the manual.

If the system is no longer covered by any sort of warranty, you can call an air conditioning professional or simply replace the unit altogether. It is often more expensive to pay for repairs to an item than it would be to buy a brand new air conditioner.