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GASIQ – Gas Equipment Company Catalog

When it comes to gas equipment, GasIQ is a good choice for high quality and low cost. GASIQ can provide full solutions with little gas usage and a flawless flame since we offer the entire chain from regulator to cutting torch and nozzles.
GASIQ manufacture devices for gas cutting and welding, soldering and brazing, as well as regulators for gas shielded welding, in Stenkullen, just outside of Gothenburg.
Gas Equipment Company Catalog

Intelligent solutions since 1938

GasIQ was founded in 2007 after a management buyout from Elga AB, a company that has been producing gas equipment since 1938. In recent years, we have supplemented our extensive knowledge with significant investments, including some in cutting-edge CNC gear. Our goal is to continually remain at the forefront of quality product development and manufacture.

Minimal gas consumption with Optimator®

One result of our dynamic product development is Optimator®, a unique regulator which reduces shielding gas consumption by up to 50 %. Optimator® is currently slashing gas consumption and lowering welding costs at workplaces throughout the world.
In-house production in Sweden We have decided to base our production in Sweden, close to our domestic market. In addition to giving us full control of the whole production chain, we also believe that, as a customer, you appreciate the fact that we are close at hand. When it is needed, we can provide you with new products rapidly and easily.

The specialist in gas equipment

The smarter solutions, in any sector and in any area, are usually supplied by specialists. GasIQ is the specialist in gas equipment. Working closely with you, we ensure that you benefit from a smart solution which gives both higher quality and improved economy. In partnership with us, you take your operation to the next level.
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Gardner Marsh – Gas Equipment Company Catalog

We strive to offer only the best products and services available from a variety of manufacturers as a Value Added Distributor of gas equipment and appliances. Our mission is to provide our customers with an unrivaled single source for products, facilities, and services. We believe that the expert product information and installation instructions we provide set us apart from our many competitors.
Our customer service team is committed to providing you with the information you need to promote the safe and efficient use of propane, natural gas, and gas equipment.
Gardner Marsh Gas Equipment Company was established in 1961 as a wholesale supplier of equipment to the then-new propane industry. Gardner Marsh, founded in Raleigh, NC by Charlie Gardner and Red Marsh, provided equipment, storage tank installation, and training to new and existing propane dealers throughout North and South Carolina.Gardner Marsh grew alongside the industry. Gardner Marsh broadened its services and product offerings. Gardner Marsh now serves the United States’ Central Atlantic Seaboard by providing gas equipment, propane tanks, and gas appliances, as well as technical assistance, product specifications, and training to engineers and retailers of gas appliances and equipment.Gardner Marsh is still a wholesale distributor with customers such as propane and natural gas retailers, hearth and specialty retail shops, HVAC and plumbing installers and builders.Gardner Marsh serves this customer base from its corporate office and warehouse in Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as an ancillary office and warehouse in Florence, South Carolina.

Gardner Marsh is also associated with Propane Trucks and Tanks, a propane delivery truck and storage tank fabricator and repair facility. Gardner Marsh’s staff has a combined 463 years of experience to provide customers with a Value Added Service of expert technical services and immediate product delivery.

GEC – Gas Equipment Company Catalog

GEC - Gas Equipment Company Catalog
GEC – Gas Equipment Company Catalog
GEC is an integrated warehouse distributor of in-process, transfer, and control equipment for oil and gas producers, transporters, and LP-Gas marketers.Milt LaDue founded GEC in 1937 in Dallas, Texas. Skeeter LaDue, the founder’s grandson, is our current CEO.
GEC will celebrate its 84th anniversary in the LP-Gas industry in 2021, offering premier product lines with factory trained and experienced staff across ten warehouse sales branches strategically located in a large geographic distribution network across the central, southern, and eastern United States. GEC commitment to service is to provide same-day service and next-day delivery.
GEC’s service strategy also includes designing our product availability around specific solutions, which is backed up by a significant investment in inventory.Gas Equipment Company focuses on being a market sensitive supplier by profitably managing our assets to make products and services readily available for distribution locations of our customers.GEC strive to be your go-to source for all of your equipment needs. Our most valuable asset is our workforce. Sales representatives and customer service equipment specialists are factory trained and experienced in all product lines to provide dependable solutions to a customer base spanning twenty-eight states.

Our fifteen sales representatives, armed with extensive product knowledge, travel assigned territories on a daily basis, conducting field and classroom training seminars, providing safety information, establishing a direct link to manufacturers, and they are committed to industry and association service.

Our representatives provide hands-on training in the field to demonstrate proper pump and compressor rebuilding for Blackmer and Corken products, as well as meter rebuilding for Liquid Controls and Neptune products. All training includes a specific curriculum, testing, and certification of your employees.

GEC will also provide CETP training to personnel in a variety of locations. On request, we can create customized special training for customers.

GEC sell equipment from leading manufacturers who have the most extensive product lines in their respective industries. Our product offerings cover the entire product transfer process, from terminal loading to transportation, storage and delivery, dispensing, and all the way to the end user.
RegO valves and regulators; Rochester Gauges; Blackmer pumps and compressors; Corken pumps and compressors; and Liquid Controls meters and meter electronics; Road Runner diesel displacement; and Clean Fueling Technologies are all master distributors for Gas Equipment Company.

LP Gas – NH3 Catalog

The GEC LP Gas & Anhydrous Ammonia Equipment Catalog presented in PDF format.

NH3 Catalog

The GEC NH3 Anhydrous Ammonia Equipment Catalog presented in PDF format.

Cryogenic & Industrial Gas Catalog

The GEC Cryogenic & Industrial Gas Equipment Catalog presented in PDF format.

Autogas/Cylinder Catalog

The GEC Autogas/Cylinder Dispensing Equipment Catalog presented in PDF format.

You Can Download GGas Equipment Company Catalog HERE

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