Air Conditioning Unit Stopped Working

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Air Conditioning Unit Stopped Working – No one will be surprised by the complex climatic equipment in apartments, offices and industrial premises.
High-precision automation allows you to control temperature parameters with an accuracy of half a degree, and additional features create a favorable microclimate.
Properly selected and installed, air conditioners can work for many years, but any complex equipment has its weaknesses. Some causes of breakdowns of split systems lie in improper use, others are caused by objective circumstances.

Air Conditioning Unit Stopped Working

The outdoor unit of the split system does not work

Start with the diagnosis of the main elements of the unit. If your air conditioner is running on cooling, the thermostat must be set to the appropriate option.

Note that the reason why the outdoor unit of the air conditioner does not turn on may be trivial – the thermostat stopped working because the value of the set temperature has already been obtained.

Check if the dehumidification mode is currently working. It is desirable that all settings are set correctly.

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The air conditioner does not turn on the compressor

The most common cause of this fault is the shutdown of this element as a result of overheating.

The problem may have the following explanations:

  • The radiator of the outdoor unit is sealed with dirt so much that it leads to a protective opening of the compressor circuit. Regular preventive maintenance of the unit will save you from this problem.
  • Excess refrigerant in the air conditioner leads to overload of the compressor and imbalance in the circuits of the condenser and evaporator. The pressure should be checked and, if it exceeds the permissible norm, the excess refrigerant should be pumped out. Simply releasing the refrigerant into the air is prohibited by the directives.
  • The outdoor unit fan has failed or is blocked by debris, branches, etc.
  • Capillary tubes are clogged with dirt, moisture or chips. The reason for their failure may be poor installation. It is better to entrust the replacement of tubes to specialists.
  • The drying filter can also be clogged with moisture and dirt. The solution is to replace the dehumidifier filter.

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In addition to overheating, the cause of compressor dysfunction can be low temperatures outside the window. In some models, the cooling mode in this situation is simply not included. When working on heating, the air conditioner also has its drawbacks: it may not start at temperatures below the instructions.

The cause of the compressor failure may be a breakdown of the winding. If you understand the operation of electrical devices, it will not be difficult for you to measure the resistance between the terminals, pre-disconnecting the voltage and reaching the supply wires. This procedure is best entrusted to those people who installed this equipment.

The fan of the outdoor unit of the conditioner does not turn

First of all, check the settings as well as the value of the set temperature. It is possible that the motor has shut down due to the operation of the thermostat. The problem may lie in the motor winding. It is “rang”, determining the parameters of resistance according to a special scheme.

If everything is bad with the winding, then the engine is “covered” and it’s time to replace it. The fan of the outdoor unit of the conditioner does not turn, probably because there was a operation of the disposable safety lock on break.

This usually happens in the winter when the fan blades are blocked by ice. To prevent this, inspect the outdoor unit before turning it on. The most accurate diagnosis and prompt repair / replacement can be performed by employees of specialty stores.

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The air conditioner does not cool or drip

Do not rush to make hasty conclusions, because the unit takes a quarter of an hour to switch between modes – this is embedded in the algorithm of the device.

Maybe you just forgot to turn on the cooling mode after last spring. Stopping the air conditioner when switching can be caused by a failure of the four-way valve. Its diagnosis and repair should not be carried out independently, entrust this process to professionals.

A common reason for failure of the air conditioner may be a violation of the power grid, for example:

  • break of contacts;
  • faulty socket;
  • violation of basic network parameters (voltage, frequency), etc.

What if the drainage system does not perform well and the condensate does not drip from the tube? One of the reasons is the insufficient slope of the drainage tube. This problem will manifest itself immediately after installation.

As a rule, water overflows through the pallet and pours out in absolutely undesirable places. Another explanation for the lack of condensate may be low humidity in the room: the water dries before it flows into the tube. In addition, it is possible to clog the drainage paths with dirt, insect larvae, small stones, which like to shove birds into the outlet of the drainage tube – it’s time to carry out preventive cleaning of equipment.

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