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Gas analysis equipment includes a list of specialized instruments designed to determine the qualitative and quantitative composition of gas mixtures and to identify the locations of gas leaks.

Gas Analysis Equipment

First of all, these are gas analyzers – devices that measure the concentration of one or more components in gas mixtures. The main characteristic of the gas analyzer is the list of substances to be monitored.

There are both universal gas analyzers capable of recognizing and determining the volume fraction of various components of the gas-air mixture (KOLION-1V, ANT-3), and devices designed to measure the concentration of only one or two substances (IG-9, IG-10).

In addition, gas analyzers can be classified:

According to the principle of action (pneumatic, magnetic, electrochemical, semiconductor, etc.);

  • by type of action (devices of continuous and periodic action);
  • by the method of sampling the gas-air mixture (devices of forced and diffuse type);
  • by design (stationary, portable, portable).

Along with gas analyzers, gas leak indicators (IG-11) and odorimeters (OO-3, OO-4) are used. The former not only quantify the concentration of the measured component with indication of readings (by volume or by mass), but can also be equipped with any auxiliary functions: threshold devices, output analog or digital signals, printers, etc. In turn, odorimeters are designed to determine the content of substances in the gas that give it a smell.

Stationary flammable gas detector STM-10

The signaling device is designed for automatic continuous monitoring of pre-explosive concentrations of multicomponent air mixtures of combustible gases and vapors.

Gas Analysis Equipment
Scope: in the process of extraction, processing, transportation of gas, oil and oil products; Fuel and energy complex (CHP, GRES, etc.), at the facilities of gas and automobile facilities, at gas stations; at industrial enterprises (painting areas, sewer areas, boiler rooms); in the production of varnishes and paints; at warehouses of fuels and lubricants (in ports, at railway, oil depots, etc.); on tankers and other vessels of river and sea shipping companies.

  • The type of the signaling device is stationary.
  • The principle of operation is thermochemical.

Gas analyzer Kane 425

The portable (compact, portable) Kane 425 gas analyzer replaces the popular Kane 400 model

Gas Analysis Equipment


• compact and easy to use
• low cost
• four-line display
• infrared port for data transmission to the printer
• finger batteries
• 99 measurement results are stored in memory

The standard delivery set includes:
• electronic unit with O2, CO
sensors • pressure and temperature sensors
• flexible hose 3 m
• gas sampling probe 240 mm
• dust filter, moisture trap
• set of batteries
• bag


• content of O2, CO in flue gases
• temperature of flue gases, outside air
• differential pressure in the flue


• CO2 content
• CO / CO2

Additionally completed with:
• infrared printer
• pneumometric tube for measuring the gas flow rate
• gas sampling probe 1000 mm (up to 600 ° C)
• set of 5 replaceable dust filters
• set of 8 batteries with charger

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Four-channel gas analyzer SP12C7 (O2, CO, H2S and CH4)

The four-channel gas analyzer SP12C7 is a device that simultaneously measures four main gases: (O2, CO, H2S and CH4), which lead to most industrial accidents caused by lack of oxygen, gas poisoning, and explosion of flammable gases.

The device has a constant measurement of these four gases, display of their concentration and signaling of an emergency.

Gas Analysis Equipment

Features and characteristics:

• Ability to connect an external pump and sampler.

• LEL (methane, propane …) – range: 0 … 100%

• O2 – range: 0 … 30 vol%

• H2S-range: 0… 200ppm

• CO-range: 0 … 1000ppm

• Weight: 240 gr.

• Dimensions: 135 (H) x 54 (W) x 36.5 (D) mm.

• Temperature range: -20 …. + 50 degrees. WITH

• Protection: IP67

• Warranty period – 2 years.

Basic equipment:

SP12C7 with stationary charger, PVC sampling tube, alkaline battery container (for emergency use).

Function And Capabilities