5 Solutions How To Increase PC Performance

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Solutions How To Increase PC Performance – Over time, your computer becomes slow. Files, applications, but also bad practices pile up and prevent your computer from running to its full potential.

You may think that a slow computer is useful for scrap or recycling. However, best practices, simple actions, and sometimes small investments can give your computer a second life.

Five solutions for your slow computer

1- The daily restart

The simplest solution to protect yours computer slowdown is to restart it or shut it down regularly. This will allow your computer to restart in a healthier way at regular intervals. One reboot per week is a good practice to avoid having a slow computer. Knowing that restarting it after each use is only better!

2- Removing unnecessary programs

It is important to keep only useful software on your computer that is used frequently to avoid overload. Running multiple software at the same time can hinder the computer performance. It therefore becomes wise to make frequent space on your hard drive in order to reduce loading times.

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3- Cleaning software

5 Solutions How To Increase PC Performance

There’s a good chance you’ve already found a pop-up offer at computer cleaning. One of the most popular tools of this type on the Internet is CCleaner – it cleans the system to remove unnecessary files and utilities. It is also very easy to learn if you don’t know anything about it. Be careful not to use any cleaning software which can sometimes do more harm than good to your computer.

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4- Upgrading the RAM and switching to SSD

Update “your computer” is to update it. This requires the replacement of some key parts to upgrade the computer. A RAM upgrade it will increase the performance of a slow computer. It is RAM that allows a computer to store and process data.

5 Solutions How To Increase PC Performance

In increase RAM computer, it improves its responsiveness and performance to better manage the simultaneous use of multiple applications.

You can also switch from HDD to SSD to improve the performance of your computer. A practice that will bring your slow computer to speed. SSD (Solid State Drive) and HDD (Hard Disk Drive) are the two existing storage systems.

HDD is the older system and uses mechanical memory. However, it has the advantage of having a high storage capacity. SSD is the newest storage system, but it is starting to democratize thanks to increasingly affordable prices. The SSD offers a very short access time.

Switching to SSD will make your computer run smoother and less slow. It has the advantage of emitting less noise and makes the system much more responsive, with short loading times. More and more people are choosing SSD over HDD because it works much better. For more details on the two storage systems, read our article on the differences between an HDD and SSD hard drive.

5- The restoration

This option remains interesting as it allows you to restore your computer to its factory state. The reset completely cleans your computer of viruses, junk files, and unnecessary files.

This is a radical but effective solution to ensure the performance of your computer. The factory reset allows you to find a computer that is less slow, efficient and smooth as in the first days of use.

To restore a laptop, you must first make sure that all priority files have been backed up, as restoring results in total loss of files. Then you can proceed with the system restore. The processes vary by computer model, but only take a few seconds.