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Kirby vacuum cleaners : best models Review – The market offers a wide range of household appliances for home cleaning. These products differ in a set of useful functions and features from one another. The Kirby vacuum cleaner stands out among the cleaning equipment, the individual models of which are as expensive as the equipment of famous brands.

You will learn all about “home cleaners” of this brand from the article presented by us. We will tell you about the popular models of the American manufacturer, which can be purchased in various countries. We will show you what characteristics you should pay attention to and how to make a purchase that you will not have to regret.

A little about the company and sales methods

The company’s production facilities are located in the USA. This fact can please many connoisseurs of first-class American technology. But it’s not that simple.

For over a century, sales have been made directly by distributors. Most of the equipment sold is sold directly from buyers at home.

demonstration of kirby vacuum cleaners
demonstration of kirby vacuum cleaners

During the demonstration, distributors demonstrate the effectiveness of branded equipment. Cleaning is an obligatory element of direct sales of these vacuum cleaners.

In various countries, Kirby vacuum cleaners are among the best-selling. Moreover, such devices simply cannot be found on store shelves. Based on the above, we can make a bold conclusion that this equipment is also sold directly by distributors, in the vast majority of cases.

The article recommended by us will help you to get acquainted with the rating of household vacuum cleaners sold in Russia by online retail outlets.

Top rated Kirby models

To understand whether you need to spend your money on the purchase of vacuum cleaners from this company, it is worth evaluating the best models of their vacuum cleaners. This is Kirby’s best selling technique. The main characteristics of the devices and the nuances of their use will be evaluated.

Place # 1 – Kirby Avalir 2

A novelty of the company, which has been produced since the beginning of 2017. It is an improved version of the previous model. The buyer is offered a device for dry and wet cleaning.

Key features and capabilities:

  • power consumption – 780 W;
  • supply voltage – 220 V;
  • the presence of a turbo brush – yes;
  • filter – MICRON MAGIC HEPA;
  • wet cleaning – yes.

A distinctive feature of this device is that during operation, air passes through seven types of filter elements.

Among the advantages of the technology, which were highlighted by consumers, are low energy consumption, stylish design, the ability to clean smooth and carpets. In addition, the design provides for the illumination of the working area, and the engine is designed to operate at least one thousand hours.

But there are also disadvantages. First of all, the huge cost of the unit should be highlighted. It can fluctuate significantly depending on the distributor.

If you buy directly from the USA, you will have to face the following troubles:

  • the motor is designed to be powered from a 110 V network. You need to buy a voltage converter or change the motor;
  • the goods will be delivered in a few weeks;
  • you will have to make an advance payment.

If you buy from distributors who sell the device at home, then the problem with the engine disappears. This technique is already adapted for demonstration and power supply from the domestic power supply network. But you should definitely ask what exactly was changed in the design.

Replacing the engine is the most expensive. True, there were cases when cheap voltage converter boards were installed in the design of American vacuum cleaners. These fees cost up to $ 10, but sellers raised the price by hundreds.

Kirby Avalir2 vacuum cleaner with branded packaging
Kirby Avalir2 vacuum cleaner with branded packaging

The design of the case is more elaborated in comparison with the previous model: the inserts have acquired a blue color, the sharp corners of the structural elements have been removed

The second question also arises: in what state is the displayed device? His price is very impressive, so I would not want to overpay for used equipment.

Distributors have time to run multiple demonstrations per day. Accordingly, such equipment is no longer new. Therefore, you need to make sure that there is a warranty for the household appliance.

It is necessary to take into account the high cost of all the details. Their price is high due to the fact that they are produced and brought to our country from the USA. Therefore, you should not buy this device for those who are not ready to accept the disappointment of the purchase. It is better for them to consider in advance which brand of vacuum cleaner is more profitable and wiser to buy.

Place # 2 – Kirby Avalir

This vacuum cleaner has been produced since 2014. It is a rarer model, as it is gradually being ousted from the market by Kirby Avalir 2 and cheaper devices of this brand. Buying this device at offline or online points of sale is quite problematic. You can also find it from distributors who will demonstrate the unit in operation.

Key features and capabilities:

  • power consumption – 640 W;
  • supply voltage – 220 V;
  • the presence of a turbo brush – yes;
  • filter – HEPA;
  • wet cleaning – yes.

Of the distinctive features of this model, it is worth highlighting a large set of accessories and a separate box for storing them. So, the kit comes with a lot of nozzles: washing, spray gun, massage, inflatable, for dust, walls, etc.

Users appreciated the ability to adjust the suction power, the presence of an electric brush and a nozzle for cleaning floors, as well as the ability to expand functionality by replacing the hoses that come with the kit.

There are also disadvantages. The price, although lower than that of the previous rating model, remains unaffordable for many buyers.

Kirby Avalir Vacuum Cleaner
Kirby Avalir Vacuum Cleaner

The upright vacuum cleaner is quite compact. This allows it to be placed in small utility rooms. Rubber-coated wheels move the equipment silently

Also, reviews indicate the uselessness of most of the attachments included in the kit. And the power of the device is not enough to fully clean carpets, furniture and soft toys from dust.

It is impossible not to note the high cost of all components. Due to their price, Kirby Avalir can be called expensive to maintain. Branded filters are sold in a set of 5. and they will cost about 2500 rubles.

This technique is suitable for those who appreciate the versatility of equipment and American build quality. The rest of the device does not justify itself. For this money, you can always find more powerful, durable, quiet and compact washing vacuum cleaners .

Seat # 3 – Kirby Sentria 2

Sentria 2 is one of the most common devices from this manufacturer. Despite the fact that this model was produced for only two years – from 2012 to 2014, they are still sold by various distributors. The price is at the level of 40 thousand rubles, which is noticeably lower than the cost of the previous rating models.

Key features and capabilities:

  • power consumption – 700 W;
  • supply voltage – 220 V;
  • the presence of a turbo brush – yes;
  • filter – HEPA;
  • wet cleaning – yes.

Among the visible advantages of a household appliance, users positively appreciated: a stylish aluminum case, a large number of different attachments, good dust suction power with low equipment power. In addition, according to the manufacturer, the filters retain about 95% of all small contaminants.

Not without flaws. So, users note the sluggishness of the device. Despite the presence of a turbo brush in the kit, it slightly facilitates cleaning. The decent weight of the equipment also affects. A fragile girl or child will not be able to fully clean the room with such a unit.

kirby sentaria vacuum cleaner
kirby sentaria vacuum cleaner


The whole set is made in a single color. Fits perfectly into the home interior. The wire is long enough to clean even a large room

The Sentria 2 is hardly a quiet device. The engine, although low-powered, is very noisy. Also, one caveat was noticed when using this model: if you tightly attach the nozzle to the floor, the engine begins to overload.

This can make the rubber clutch belts very hot. Due to the heat, a sharp smell of burnt rubber begins to come from the vacuum cleaner.

Nevertheless, distributors of technology give a 3-year warranty for this vacuum cleaner. Consumables and main parts are cheaper than other models in the rating, but they are more difficult to find. Bulletin boards with used spare parts can partly help.

This is a more accessible unit for Russian citizens. But its price is unreasonably high, as for the offered functionality. However, thanks to the large number of nozzles, this equipment can be used to inflate children’s balls, produce a certain amount of foam and clear a blockage in the sewer .

Place # 4 – Kirby Sentria

This is one of the best selling vacuum cleaners. It was produced until 2012, but it is actively sold all over the world to this day. It looks like a classic cleaning device with a vertical housing.

Key features and capabilities:

  • power consumption – 560 W;
  • supply voltage – 220 V;
  • the presence of a turbo brush – yes;
  • filter – HEPA;
  • wet cleaning – yes.

The set includes several nozzles, with the help of which you can not only remove any surface, but also inflate rubber toys, balls and balls, polish smooth floors, and clean the car interior. Among other advantages, users noted: low power consumption, stylish body made of polished aluminum, motor with a 3-year warranty.

Among other things, the bristles of the attachments are made of horsehair. It is an anti-static material that allows safe cleaning of electronics and can be used as a computer vacuum cleaner .

The kit includes additional rubber drive belts. The manufacturer provides for the possibility of their rapid wear if the vacuum cleaner is misused

This vacuum cleaner is suitable for those who prefer to perform dry and wet cleaning with one device. Many buyers are impressed by the large number of vacuum cleaner functions. Dust bags are relatively cheap.

Basically, it is recommended to buy it for owners of houses, hotels and other multi-room premises. Buying such a vacuum cleaner for a small living space does not justify itself.

Features of Kirby vacuum cleaners

As you can see, in terms of key characteristics, all models of vacuum cleaners from Kirby that are available for purchase practically do not differ from each other. A variety of functionality, construction, design is offered.

Therefore, it is necessary to first measure the price of the equipment with its capabilities. In the devices of this brand, the capabilities of technology are clearly overestimated by manufacturers. And distributors, wanting to get rich, inflate prices significantly.

kirby vacuum cleaner
kirby vacuum cleaners

The large number of attachments, tubes and a list of all modes of operation really impress many buyers. And the visual operation of the vacuum cleaner with the possibility of self-testing pushes you to buy

All prices indicated in the article are indicative. There are cases when distributors extolled the cost of equipment much higher than that indicated.

Therefore, before buying, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Price. May, within reasonable limits, deviate from the one specified in the article;
  • Vacuum cleaner condition. Used equipment is often sold under the guise of new;
  • Suitability for use in the Russian Federation. Concerns the motor and its rated operating voltage;
  • Possibility of service. In our country, it is difficult to find a service workshop, whose employees have been trained and received permission to repair equipment with the specified American logo.
  • Purchase of spare parts. There will definitely be problems with the purchase of spare parts and system assemblies for replacement.

Many official representatives offer the possibility of purchasing these goods on credit. If such a transaction is planned, then you should carefully study the attached documentation, in particular the item on the cost of equipment, taking into account the price for obtaining a loan and interest on the balance of the debt.

It is advisable to fill out such documents with the participation of a lawyer or expert in the financial industry. Considering that the cost of the most modern vacuum cleaner is more than 100 thousand rubles, it is better to spend a few thousand more rubles on competent paperwork.

Due to the fact that most of the units of this brand are sold by salesmen, it is worth considering a few nuances. Sales are usually carried out by experienced people. They use a variety of methods to advertise their product. Aggressive techniques are especially effective.

Such sellers constantly put pressure on the buyer, not allowing him to sensibly assess the characteristics of the equipment and the feasibility of investing.

complete kirbyvacuum cleaner
complete kirby vacuum cleaners

The vacuum cleaner and the set of nozzles looks presentable. In order not to be mistaken in the choice, you should independently evaluate its effectiveness before buying. Also, do not forget about studying the documentation.

There are known cases of such distributors conducting demonstrations for several hours. As a result of their actions, people spent their last money on products that weren’t worth it. It is especially worth paying attention to the following categories of the population: the elderly, adolescents, pregnant women, people with mental illnesses.

Since the listed categories of people are at home most of the time, they are potential customers of distributors. Wishing to receive dividends from the sold equipment, sellers can significantly exaggerate the capabilities of the devices and emotionally insist on buying.

To avoid unreasonable investments, you should do the following:

  • admit distributors into your home only in the presence of other family members;
  • immediately ask for documents proving the official existence of the company;
  • ask as many questions as possible about the technical capabilities of the device and ask to confirm the words with data from the documentation for the technique.

It should also be remembered that demonstrating the capabilities of a vacuum cleaner at home does not oblige you to purchase a household device.

Conclusions and useful video

Before buying, it is still worth reviewing the reviews of the owners of this technique. To objectively assess the capabilities of vacuum cleaners, it’s better to watch this video. It will help make your investment more meaningful:

Kirby’s devices are quite suitable for everyday use. From the proposed rating, anyone can find equipment for cleaning the premises. The cleaning technique is notable for its good appearance and well-developed case design.

Would you like to share your own experience in buying and operating a Kirby vacuum cleaners ? Do you have useful information that will be useful to site visitors? Please write your comments in the block below, ask questions and post photos on the topic of the article.